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"I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful work you do. You are so talented and work so hard to make what you do a true gift to the do not know how many times over the years that I have l lived here, how coming to you in times of stress or dullness has lifted my spirits and made everything all better!!! It is great lift for the self confidence. everyone loves feeling beautiful. I know everyone who comes to you for treatments does, because you appreciate the beauty of every face and person who walks through your door. The combination for the nurturing care, clinical know how and awareness of all the latest skin care make the embracing goddess one of the most luxurious and advanced spas I have ever been to, and your personal touches, from the art on the walls to the sincere hospitality, make it a treasure to experience,thank you for all you do"
N. Kountoupes new york

"Expertise combined with artistry! I have never received spa services more superior in quality. I feel pampered when I am there and I feel more beautiful when I leave!
T.Byrd New York

"Your home spa is elegant, warm and serene..."
K. W. New York

"Absolutely euphoric..."
R. C. New York

"I felt so relaxed and at peace. You have a fabulous sense of touch."
K. Butler North Carolina

"I felt special and relaxed. The combination of the rose garden goddess facial, organic products and natural makeup made my skin look and feel radiant. The organic products used daily, affect the skin in many positive ways."
G. Green North Carolina

"Soulfully beautiful! the best facial I have ever had..."
K. Fezza New York