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Dg760 is a one woman operation.

Dg760 has a knack for simplifing ideas and solving problems.

Dg760 can put this knack to work for you:

  • Design
  • Online community strategy
  • Web product development

    Dg760 is Diane Goodman.

    I've been online since 1993.
    I am a Web designer.
    I am an online community expert.
    I can explain technology to lay people and lay ideas to technology people.

    My design inspirations are Maira Kalman, the Eames, Quebec-style illustrations, graffiti, 50's poster art.

    My community inspirations are all of the AIDS Rides, The Well, Habitat for Humanity, Breast Cancer Walks, Mardi Gras, Paulo Freire.

    My web product development inspirations are Yahoo, AOL, Napster, Bolt Tagbooks, PetitionOnline, all are examples of expert community application development.