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Like what you see? If Hare Brain dolls are your thing, imagine what your loved ones will think. Market research shows that 20% of viewers have a visceral response to Hare Brain dolls, 30% are not sure whether to laugh or cry and 50% are stark raving mad about them. Research also shows that Hare Brain dolls make a much bigger splash in cities. For example, Harold spent a week in the hospital in Los Angeles and made a lasting impression across all stratas of the hospital staff and visitors.

Hare Brain has made caricature dolls like Ellen and Neil, "inspired by" dolls like Azatina and "in memory" dolls like Kyle's Heffalump and the Tandoori Chicken.

If you want to honor someone who's passed, cheer up someone who needs cheering or celebrate a life event like marriage or birthdays, or anniversaries, A Hare Brain doll could be that unexpected present that leaves a great lasting impression. Please contact Hare Brain at to discuss having a piece commissioned.

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