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Is this sweater a luxury? It will last for years, not months. It isn't made in a sweatshop.

I've been buying sweaters at Old Navy and Sears.They don't last a season without pilling and my joke about small blind Chinese children sewing my clothes are getting stale, the fact is, the joke is true.

Old Navy/The Gap/Banana Republic need to clean up their act..

Neat fact about Cashmere:
It provides the highest insulation qualities of all animal hair.

It's been a tough year here in Ithaca; the pestilence and roadwork has really made my normally idyllic life almost untenable. Most trying has been the slow disintegration of my cashmere cardigan. The universe gifted me this form flattering olive green knit goodness and now the universe is taking it away.

Make my year better by contributing to my cashmere fund. I've been eyeballing this sweater for 6 months. It is now on sale but it still costs £150, which works out to be about $265.68 American. You'll not only be helping me, you'll be helping the poor Scots, who are responsible for the finger breaking knitting behind this gem.

Give a $1, give $5, every bit counts!

Contribute now!