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Susan had admired the building for sometime. When it went on the market she acquired it and invested her ten year experience in gift retailing and her well developed merchandising instincts, to create a shop in which her keen appreciation of original creativity would find expression. In less than three years Black Sheep's devotion to difference has built a clientele attracted to it as Susan was originally drawn to the house itself and the exciting use she could put to it. Among Black Sheep's attractions are Susan's discovery of local artisans whose original products she cheerfully endorses.

These are creations in paper and pottery, fabrics, metals and woods - plus antiques tucked in "here and there". This is not to say that you can still rely on filling your needs with many of the expected and familiar of your favorite items. Yankee Candles, Dorling Kindersley Books, Annabelle's Southern Moments Collection of bath products are but a few of the eclectic samplings of wares offered , not to forget the many tasty gourmet coffees, teas and snacks sprinkled in for flavor. And of course, Susan regularly shops the famous regional gift shows from which she brings many examples of the arts and craft trades that further underscore her dedication to difference.

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